Current favourite song ;- Kendrick Lamar – Pride

”I can’t fake humble just cause your ass is insecure”

I have been feeling very uninspired with everything which is one of the main reason why I have not been consistent with the blog posts. My lack of sleep, fear of not graduating from university, fear of losing myself in the process of trying to make everyone else around me feel important and appreciated is making me feel on edge. I have isolated myself from people (not in a malicious way) because I feel like the vibes are no longer genuine and I refuse to be around people that make me feel anxious or too much to handle. As the weather changes, it makes me wonder if I am truly happy with who I am becoming or am I still trying to remain the same because I am afraid of letting go of things or people I have outgrown. I am not sad or 100% genuinely happy but one thing I know for sure is that I have become unapologetic and I am loving it.

I will not apologise for needing a ‘Me’ time or becoming selfish with what I choose to invest my time and energy into, I will not apologise for circumstances I cannot control and most importantly, I refuse to let the fear of rejection or failing stop me from going after the things I want in life . Are you happy or are you just trying to convince people you are happy?

Here’s to good vibes and new beginnings, outfit details below as usual, xoxo



Outfit Details

Dress : Bershka

Jacket : Zara

Trainer : Puma creepers (Footlocker)

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